Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 9- Departure

Day 8- April 23rd

First Stop: Fragonard Perfume Factory
Second Stop: San Remo, Italy
Third Stop: Monaco
Fourth Stop: Nice, France







Day 7- April 22nd

Featured Student Blogger: Temidayo F.
On this day, we went to Cassis Provence where we went on a boat ride around the three creeks and honestly it was fun to be on the boat ride and to see my friends and the teachers and chaperones enjoying themselves too. During this boat ride, we saw some interesting things that we couldn’t forget such as a man jumping from the mountain top (in which I have a video of it) and also being flashed by a some guy on a boat which had a lot of reactions from my friends, including me. But after that, we went to have dinner and then with all of us being tired, we entered into our new hotel in Cannes.

Acknowledging the fact that there was a pool in our hotel, my friends were riled up as they wanted to swim in it (so was I) and so we all decided to go and swim in the pool and it was so FREEZING cold that I didn’t want to swim anymore. Despite it being cold, I still jumped back in the pool while most of my friends were still outside of the pool because it was cold but I enjoyed it until I too started to feel cold and as a result, I went back to my hotel room to take a hot shower.

Nevertheless, I honestly enjoyed this day because it wasn’t only fun for me and my friends but It was also an opportunity for me to experience the boat rides, being with my friends, connecting with them along with the chaperones/teachers and it also taught me more about the places of Europe I’ve been to along with it helping me be responsible and to be entrusted with the things that my parents wanted me to be responsible for. At the end of the day, this was one day that I’ll never forget and I really enjoyed it. (Wish it can happen again lol).

Day 6- April 21st

Featured Student Blogger: Amelia Bergeron

This morning we woke up ready to step back in time and see Roman ruins. We started the day going to Nimes to see the roman amphitheater. Using our audio guides we learned about the process of a day when there was an event. After climbing all the different flights of stairs we got to the top where there was a great view of the city.  After we pretended we were in the games and we had sprint races. They are fun to watch and take pictures of and for some, to take part in.

After the amphitheater we got to enjoy some free time for lunch and to look around Nimes. My group and I got sandwiches at a corner cafe. They were delicious! We then went and got ice cream. I got 2 scoops for 4 euros. My first one was lavender and the second one was que bueno. We then went souvenier shopping and I found a gift for my Dad. After the amphitheater we went to the Pont du Gard or the roman aqueduct. The pictures were beautiful! We then went to get water to quench our thirst and we went to go sit on the rocks below.

We ended our day by going to Avignon. We walked through the Popes Palace and then we got some free time. We went to a few candy stores and I got some soap that was made in Provence. After when we went back to our meeting point I got a painting of the Pont du Gard.  We walked to dinner and we had meatballs, vegetables and rice. For dessert we had √©clairs. Then, we drove back to the hotel to prepare for a travel day the next day.

Day 5- April 20th

Featured Student Bloggers: Lila Lingo, Sadie Wyatt, Mimi Wolfire

This morning we woke up very very early! J Yay, waking up at 6am is the best! We then, took a long, long silent bus ride, filled with sleepy and grumpy friends. We at least got to catch up on some lost sleep. Four hours later, we arrived in the medieval town with big barrier walls, resembling  Hogwarts. 

We got off the bus at Carcassonne and we were in for a treat! Our stomachs immediately grumbled in need of lunch and we quickly found a place.  People chose restaurants that matched their stomach’s cravings. Personally, our big group of  friends were just looking for a place that could seat all 10 of us. We chose a burger place that was delicious and filled our empty stomachs. We then struggled for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to split our 189.90 euros bill. When we figured it out, we then walked around the unique town and found many cute family owned businesses with cool souvenirs such as, engravings and bracelets.

On our way back to the bus we practiced our developing French skills by starting conversations with locals. We next got on the bus for another silent sleepy and grumpy 2 hour bus ride. We arrived at our hotel in Uzes which has been our favorite so far. It reminded us of a small community. The buildings were covered in Ivy and took pictures. There were tennis courts, on which we all joined in and played soccer and football. We  then went to bed and got a good nights sleep, knowing we were up for a big day tomorrow! Peace out girl scouts J J J J J J

Day 4- April 19th

Featured Student Blogger: Sarah M.

First Stop:San Sebastian
Wewent to a couple of cities today, each pretty far from each other. We went toan older part of the city, in Spain of course, and saw an old fortificationcite for the city. We took a long hike to reach it, and even did a bit of rockclimbing. The view was gorgeous, and we got to see the beautiful beaches. Wewent downtown to sightsee, and the shops were authentic and small, similar tothe streets themselves-all over, the streets were extremely narrow and a littlecliché.

Second Stop:Saint-Jean de-Luz
Wehad an hour of free time in this pretty city, and some chose to look at theseaside and beaches. I chose to look at the local shops, which didn’t cater totourists, unlike Paris.

Third Stop:Biarritz
Wewalked a long way to see a statue, on top of a rock formation and practicallysteeping itself in glory. Some went into the water, but not many, and lots ofkids talked to citizens and those who traveled there. The ocean in Biarritz wasgorgeous. The water was clear, and there were multiple families, couples andfriends hanging out and having fun. We took pics of the beach and happilywatched as some of our friends went into the water, while others played socceror shopped.

It was a good day.







Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 3- April 18th

Day 3- April 18, 2017
Bullet Train from Paris to Biarritz
Destination: Irun, Spain/ French Border

Featured Student Blogger: Olivia W.
Today was more of a boring travel day than an adventure, but it was a trip nonetheless! We woke up late, had a leisurely breakfast and said goodbye to Paris. We then loaded all of the luggage – I’m talking tons of bags! – and took a double-decker bus to the train station. After buying some (cheap but delicious) food from the station, we boarded the train – at around noon. We took a TGV; Train de Grande Vitesse, or bullet train in English. After what felt like forever (and was really a 5.5 hour ride) we made it to Biarritz! A bit of a wait and a 45 minute bus ride later and we were in a little hotel in Spain – just a short ride from the French border.

Everyone got room assignments and a quick break before dinner. The busses split up for a lovely meal in the hotel, since it couldn’t exactly serve all of us food at once! Bus one ate around 8 o’clock and bus two around 9. The meal was either ham and potatoes or pesto pasta (for vegetarians) and both were delicious! Our travel day ended with everyone falling fast asleep.